Pascal Campion

I get this question a lot. ( six times in the past two days)
How can I draw like you?

This is my point of you on this question.
Once again.. this is just MY opinion, and not everybody will agree with it.. but.. here it is

I’d probably not recommend you try to emulate my style or my way or working.
What I would recommend though is that you try to go outside and sketch, sketch people in the street, people walking, sitting, getting up, taking off their clothes or putting them back on, people hugging, people fighting, people in conversation in a group, people on the bus, swimming, dancing, eating, ( lot’s of eating as it is pretty hard to convey exactly the feeling of eating), sleeping, people thinking… If you want to tell stories, most of  your images should have people thinking.. that’s what is going to make your images come alive.
Use a tablet if you have one, a sharpie, a pastel, a rock dipped in ink..anything that can make a mark.
The tool is cool, but secondary.. first.. you need to train your eye and your brain to “see”..and by this, not just scan the world around you to pick up what is different… but really to look at what as always been around you and that you just never paid attention to, things like how does your girlfriend’s hair REALLY fall, or does it fall at all… how is she dressing today? How do the layers of clothes work together, how are people dressed in the street TODAY…how does the light in the sky affect the way you see the buildings around you.. how does the cold of the air make you feel and how does it affect the way you perceive the people around you.. how do dogs walk, and how does a car stop at a red light… do kids really hold hands when they cross the street, how do YOU look when you read these lines?.. do you know how your chair really looks like? With your weight on it?
Things like that… try and look at these things, try to capture them on paper..quick sketches.a few seconds, up to 30 seconds..don’t try to do beautiful sketches, it’s doesn’t matter. At this stage, you are trying to see the world and capture it. Don’t try to draw what you know, just draw what you see.. it will help you let go of all the artistic influences you have and that stop you from growing as an artist.
Do this…for the rest of your life.

Once you’ve been doing this for a few weeks, few months, then start drawing images, creating stories that you have seen, stories that you have experienced.. like your first kiss or your first break up, the first time you saw the ocean, or the first time you ate a chocolate croissant.. things that only YOU have experienced.. try to create images that relate not just the action, but also the emotion.

Once you get to a point when you can do this,  you won’t need to know how to draw like me, because by then you will have your own voice and that voice will keep evolving as long as you stay honest with yourself and keep looking , observing.
Don’t be afraid to let your art wander into areas you are not familiar with, this is how you are going to learn.
At different stages in your life, you will be interested in different things and your art will change accordingly. Don’t try to stifle your vision by “sticking” to what has always worked for you… it might make you a “popular” artist, but it might not fulfill your creative need.

Last thing.

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